Foam Board Printing

printedfoamboardFoam Board and Gator board are affordable choices for indoor use and have great strength and durability. It’s resistance to denting and bending, makes it a good choice for travelling to trade shows. These signs are excellent for sales presentations, meetings and shows and can be cut to almost any size. Printing and lamination can be done on one or both sides. Wall mounting and stand options are available as well. Call Poway Sign Company for Foam Board or Gator Board printing now at 858-437-3093.

Foam Board Printing Options

Double Sided Foam Board Prints
Double sided foam board printing can be beneficial when you want to have a double sided gator board print that may be used in presentations or visable from both directions or is hanging from the ceiling. Using double sided prints can save the cost of purchasing a second foam board.

Foam Baord Printing Lamination
We highly recommend matte lamination for foam board prints. Lamination increases the duability of the board and adds a higher quality look too. It’s an additional cost, but if you want your gator board print to last, it’s worth it.

Gator Board Poster Prints
Gator Board printing for large posters used in lobby’s, hotels and restuarants are popular, affordable and attractive ways to add to the decor.

Gator Board, Gatorboard, Foam Board, Foamboard, what’s the difference?
Different spellings…..and some people interchange the two but they are different. Foam Core, Foam Board or Foamboard is a lighter less expesive more fragile material made for temporary or use where it will not be bothered by constant handling. Gatorboard or Gator Board is a heavier, more rigid material made for more permanant use and is great for traveling salespeople on their way to trade shows, etc.

Gator Board or Foam Board Features:

  • UV Inks
  • Short and long term use
  • Print any photo or graphic on foam gator board
  • Prints are available in 3/16″ and 1/2″ thicknesses